Kitchen and bar

The hall provides a fully featured catering quality kitchen, designed by Scobie & McIntosh, with stainless steel surfaces throughout

The kitchen has a large gas hob and oven, steam combi oven, a deep fryer and plate warming facilities, as well as large fridge, freezer, dishwasher, urn and microwave. Ample food preparation area is provided and the kitchen has its own serving hatch onto the main hall, with heat lamps to keep plates warm. Crockery and cutlery are provided.

We will insist on the hall’s catering facilities being used to the highest standards of hygiene and safety. All users must hold a valid hygiene certificate and abide by safety notices prominently displayed. It is vital that after use, the kitchen should be cleaned thoroughly and left in a spotless condition.



The bar has three drinks fridges, an ice machine and bottle washer.

Beer fonts have been installed at the bar to allow the sale of draft beer.

 The bar also opens onto the main hall, and both the kitchen and bar have been fitted with metal shutters.